Born from the ashes of several bands from the south-coast ska-punk scene, the collective began playing live festivals and shows together in 2005. Their reputation on the circuit has built steadily, and recent years have seen the band appear on bills with reggae starlet Hollie Cook and David Rodigan favourites The Skints, as well as ska legends The Skatalites.

Their reputation as a live entity is clearly highly regarded, and it is easy to see why, even on record. All three tracks on ‘Friends on Benefits’ are wonderfully danceable cuts, showcasing a style that has clearly been refined through years of moving feet in Brighton basements.

Known for their light-hearted lyrics about drinking and relationships, the group began to address political topics on ‘Somehow We Met’, a theme that is extended in ‘Friends on Benefits’ – as ever in their typically tongue-in-cheek style. The vocalists describe their aim as to address all that is ‘wonderful and disastrous about the world’ and share ‘a passion to discuss it in a way that is idiotic and joyful’.

With their humour, catchy horn arrangements, and irresistible beats, The Meow Meows are sure to appeal across the board with ‘Friends on Benefits’.