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Friends On Benefits Limited Edition 7" Vinyl EP

Each copy of this limited edition 7" vinyl comes with a free download code so you can carry the songs with you on your digital devices.


The EP emerged as part of a commission by Fuel Theatre for their ‘Music to Move to’ project – which saw ten musical acts team up with choreographers to create works which would inspire the general public to dance. The title track was the band’s emphatic response.

Known for their light-hearted lyrics about drinking and relationships, the group began to address political topics on ‘Somehow We Met’, a theme that is extended in ‘Friends on Benefits’ – as ever in their typically tongue-in-cheek style. The vocalists describe their aim as to address all that is ‘wonderful and disastrous about the world’ and share ‘a passion to discuss it in a way that is idiotic and joyful’.

With their humour, catchy horn arrangements, and irresistible beats, The Meow Meows are sure to appeal across the board with ‘Friends on Benefits’.


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